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Meet the Artist

Hi there! My name is Abbigail and I am 21 years old. I have two lovey birds named Taco and Maui who make an appearance on my "Thank You" cards. It's always been a dream of mine to make money off my art and spread it out into the world. Most importantly, I want to spread joy through my art.

My dream job is to be a tattoo artist! Ever since I watched Kat Von D on LA Ink I wanted to make tattooing my future. I have a long journey till then but I know one day I can get there.

You will se many things that I enjoy through what I draw. I love cartoons, anime, video games, animals, and mythology. My art is generally cute but I also like to draw edgier stuff now and again. I like to play with pretty much every medium except colored pencil. Copic Markers are my biggest traditional medium. I also enjoy painting with acrylic and watercolor.

Thank you for looking at my website and thank you for supporting me.